Handling Landlord/Tenant Issues, Traffic Tickets And Other Legal Matters

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An Experienced Kansas City Lawyer For Evictions And Debt Collection

Whether you have been accused of a crime, are experiencing problems with a tenant in a rental property, you need a knowledgeable attorney with answers. I work in a wide range of legal areas and provide legal solutions to many legal challenges.

When you need legal assistance, from representation in a divorce to a solid criminal defense, contact me, the experienced Kansas City attorney at The Patel Law Firm, LLC.

Contact A Landlord/Tenant Attorney In Independence

Landlord/tenant law: Many legal problems can arise in property rental situations, including nonpayment of rent, property damage, damage deposit disputes, drug violations and other criminal activity. I can provide the solutions you need by facilitating emergency evictions, debt recovery and property repossession. I can help return your property to you, retrieve the assets you are owed and recover payment for damages.

Commercial property services: I help clients with business tenancy contracts, landlord-tenant disputes, purchases, sales, zoning petitions and more.

Criminal law: I have worked to defend hundreds of accused people as an attorney at the public defender’s office and in private practice. Contact me for experienced, creative, and aggressive state. My experience includes defense for DWI/DUI, burglary, forgery, stalking, drug possession and distribution ,and bad checks charges. I also handle traffic violations including speeding, leaving the scene and MIP..

Bankruptcy: It’s a very stressful thing to be in debt. When you’re behind on your payments and creditors are calling, it’s easy to think that there’s no way out, that your debt will hound you forever. But there are options available, even in the most desperate cases.

Personal bankruptcy is a way for consumers to wipe away all or most of their outstanding debt, leaving them with a clean slate. We handle both Chapter 7 & 13 bankruptcies.

Debt collection: If you need debt collection legal services, you are owed money you already expected to receive. I can efficiently investigate your claim, file your claim in court, and pursue judgment for payment to achieve resolution as soon as possible. If a party claims you owe money that you do not believe you should pay, I can represent you to demonstrate you are not liable for payment.

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If you have a legal question, call me today for a free initial consultation. I am an experienced attorney, and the small size of my firm ensures you will receive the personal, hands-on service you deserve. Contact me today at 888-428-9427 or send an email inquiry