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Effective Debt Collection Services

If your business needs debt collection legal services, I can help you to correct your cash flow problems and recover past-due receivables. I am Kalpesh J. Patel, a successful debt collections attorney in Independence, Missouri. When your debt collection needs have become significant, through my law practice, I can help you recover past-due invoices owed to you.

Collection For Creditors

With contracts in hand, you realize you have the legal right to collect on the debt, but how can you keep collection efforts reasonable? Most companies are not equipped for the time and expense that goes into trying to collect on unpaid debts. Your time is better spent continuing to make profitable deals elsewhere. Nonetheless, unpaid debts may weigh heavily on your company’s balance sheets. I have the experience and tools necessary to see your collection endeavors through to resolution.

My Debt Collection Process

My methods for collecting debt include running credit and skip tracing reports as well as locating debtors’ assets. Once I locate your debtor(s),I will attempt to set up repayment plans. If these strategies do not yield the right results, I can take your debtors to court and obtain judgments against them. My services include the following:

  • Managing pre-suit negotiations and workouts
  • Bringing business and consumer debt lawsuits through civil courts
  • Handling trials and arbitration
  • Collecting on judgments from Kansas and Missouri courts

When I accept a debt collection case on your behalf, I can efficiently investigate your claim, file your claim in court and pursue a judgment for payment to achieve resolution as soon as possible.

Debt Collection Defense

My debt-related legal services also include legal protection for wrongly targeted alleged debtors. Perhaps a business did not deliver the goods or services that you ordered. Perhaps there is a case of mistaken identity. If a party claims you owe money that you do not believe you should pay, I can represent you to demonstrate that you are not liable for payment.

Have you received a notice in the mail from a collection agency claiming that you owe money to a third party that isn’t named or that you don’t recognize? In fact, debt owed to another company may have been purchased by a debt collection company for pennies on the dollar, and the debt collection company that contacted you may simply be trying to make a profit. While there are exceptions, in most cases, consumers are not required to pay a collection agency in such cases.

If a collection agency is pursuing you, and you question the legality of their methods, turn to me at The Patel Law Firm, LLC, for help.

Contact A Lawyer Serving Both Creditors And Alleged Debtors

If you have a legal question about debt collection, call me today for a free initial consultation. I am an experienced attorney, and the small size of my firm ensures that you will receive the personalized assistance you deserve. Contact The Patel Law Firm, LLC, today by email or by calling 888-428-9427.