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The Patel Law Firm, LLC, can help. As a former attorney at the public defender’s office, I have defended hundreds of people accused of crimes. I know what prosecutors are looking for when prosecuting you, and I know what it takes to defend you to increase your chances of retaining your driver’s license, keeping you out of jail and minimizing your sentence.

Know Your Options. Understand Possible Solutions. Proceed with Answers.

I have defended hundreds of people accused of crimes and know how to question the prosecution’s tactics and charges. I can question whether proper procedure was followed. I can work with signature experts to question the identity of the writer. I can question whether evidence was documented properly. I work in a wide range of criminal charges. Whether your charges involve cocaine or marijuana, or burglary or DWI, I can work to find creative solutions to defend you.

  • DWI, DUI and traffic violations, including speeding, and careless and imprudent driving charges
  • Burglary, stealing, and robbery
  • Forgery
  • Bad checks
  • Drug charges, including drug trafficking, possession, possession by a minor, and possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Leaving the scene of an accident

I work with misdemeanor and felony charges, and have worked with many area prosecutors to arrange not-guilty verdicts or reduced sentences. I will work to have your charges dropped and, if necessary, will negotiate with the prosecution to arrange an agreement for a lesser sentence.

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Don’t hesitate to get your criminal charges questions answered by an experienced lawyer today. I offer competitive rates and free initial consultations for criminal law cases. Contact me today at 816-533-7664. The Patel Law Firm, LLC offers creative and aggressive criminal law representation.